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By LA2M on April 17, 2014

Tim Busche has more than 20 years of experience in both B2B and B2C sectors.  He's recognized by his peers and coworkers for his creative marketing strategies, his team building and leadership.  Tim shared some great insights about himself in answering our questions below.


By LA2M on April 10, 2014
Jamie Michelson is known among his clients and colleagues as highly creative and a strategic thinker.  He brings a fresh perspective to every project.  He says of himself, “I enjoy the strategic planning process and turning things ‘upside down’ to find insights.”   He is the kind of marketing thought leader you expect to find leading innovation.  In his talk next week, Jamie will take us to the cutting edge with his insights on second screen marketing. 
By LA2M on April 3, 2014

Jeff Scott, President of Duffey Petrosky, has the kind of vision that inspires confidence.  He is able to skillfully evaluate and understand the needs and objectives of his clients.  Jeff is also extremely perceptive when it comes to recognizing what’s important to customers and how to most effectively connect with them. 

By LA2M on March 27, 2014

Ross Johnson is an exceptional communicator.  His primary communication tool is interactive web design, web strategy and marketing.  Through his successful business, 3.7 Designs, Ross has designed for a wide range of clientele and situations, from start-ups to corporations.  He also maintains several design and web related blogs, as well as a highly regarded podcast

By LA2M on March 13, 2014

 It’s a common complaint, why doesn’t the media cover any good news?  With that in mind, and a mission to move cities forward, Paul Schutt and Brian Boyle founded Issue Media Group.  IMG’s website explains the organization’s mission as covering what’s next for citi

By LA2M on March 3, 2014

Derek Mehraban is a marketing influencer.  He leads a highly popular MSU class on digital marketing, is one of the organizers of TEDx Detroit and is the CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing.  Many of his key clients are mid-level corporations who focus heavily on B2B commerce.

By LA2M on February 24, 2014
Bilal Saeed of Pakmode Media + Marketing wanted the February 12, 2014 LA2M audience to know that digital sponsorships are more marketing partnerships than media buys. Each one offers personalized implementation and a unique fan experience. Pakmode specializes in sports and entertainment marketing.
Saeed noted that the shift in sponsorship dollars from traditional to digital media has been happening as a recent evolution.
By LA2M on February 14, 2014

Emily A. Hay of Hay There Social Media spoke enthusiastically about digital referral marketing in her talk at LA2M on January 29, 2014.


By LA2M on February 3, 2014
BCBSM had a phenomenal year when it comes to growing their Facebook community.  “Our online community grew over 1,400 percent.  Participation was about 20 to 25 percent,” announced Dave Murray, social media manager for BCBSM to the LA2M audience on January 22nd.  These surprising results were the outcome of a well thought out strategy and the perfect storm of the Affordable Care Act implementation.
By LA2M on January 24, 2014

Ben Bator’s experiences are an evolution of ideas and action rooted in the bum luck of graduating college in 2008.  The job market at that time was so bad he couldn't even find a non-paid internship, he told an attentive LA2M audience on January 15, 2014.  Ben felt his only choice was to continue college and hope things got better.  He chose law school, a move even his father tried to discourage.


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