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By LA2M on June 20, 2014
We have a great panelist line up for our Small Business Marketing Success forum.  Plan to attend and bring a friend or colleague.  This LA2M will be valuable, interesting and fast paced.  Below are the bio’s and business information for each panelist.
By LA2M on June 5, 2014
Marisa Smith leads the successful digital marketing firm, The Whole Brain Group, whose clients range from thriving local companies to international entit
By LA2M on May 29, 2014
Terry Welty, Duo Security’s VP of Marketing, has 30 years of management level experience in start-ups and tech companies all over the U.S.  He’s been highly effective in bringing those companies to the forefront of their industries and driving successful marketing programs.  Terry shared some very interesting thoughts with us in the answers below.  Terry will be speaking at LA2M on
By LA2M on May 22, 2014

Christi Rankin, of Martopia Public Relations Group has 25 years of executive level experience under her belt.  She's handle everything from reputation management and corporate PR to crisis communications and leadership development.  She is highly creative, extremely well respected and a top notch manager.  Christi will be speaking at LA2M on May 28.

By LA2M on May 15, 2014

Chad Wiebsick is a social media super star, philanthropist and Michigan travel aficionado. His Pure Michigan social media work has been recognized with national awards. On Wednesday, May 21, Chad will share his SoMe expertise to show how any business can super-charge their social media. Chad took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions.


By LA2M on May 9, 2014
Dan Brady has an amazing wealth of experiences, from major corporate marketing to international democracy programs.  Dan currently serves as the Lincoln Motor Company Consumer Marketing Manager.  He has provided exceptional leadership throughout the Lincoln product and brand reinvention.  Dan took time to answer a few questions for us.<
By LA2M on May 1, 2014
Jacob Brown is always prepared to give his best effort for his clients at PCG Campbell.  He learned that having the edge can make all the difference and he learned it on the toughest stage anywhere, the NFL.  Jacob shared some insights about his past and current careers, and his vision of the future
By LA2M on April 25, 2014
Graham Davis is a political animal with his finger on the pulse of all things cause-marketing.  Because of his connection to politics, Graham is keenly aware of the seismic changes in the news media over the last decade.  For anyone who uses PR to market, it’s worth examining the recent news media transformation.
By LA2M on April 17, 2014

Tim Busche has more than 20 years of experience in both B2B and B2C sectors.  He's recognized by his peers and coworkers for his creative marketing strategies, his team building and leadership.  Tim shared some great insights about himself in answering our questions below.


By LA2M on April 10, 2014
Jamie Michelson is known among his clients and colleagues as highly creative and a strategic thinker.  He brings a fresh perspective to every project.  He says of himself, “I enjoy the strategic planning process and turning things ‘upside down’ to find insights.”   He is the kind of marketing thought leader you expect to find leading innovation.  In his talk next week, Jamie will take us to the cutting edge with his insights on second screen marketing. 
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