LA2M Recap: Blogging and Curation, Business Lessons Learned

By on January 30, 2012
If you would like to attract more attention on the web or position yourself as an expert to potential employers or clients, then blogging and curation may be for you.  Deb Nystrom of Reveln Consulting and JT Pedersen of Empowering Business Solutions, shared their experiences with blogging and curation with an attentive audience at LA2M on 1-18-12.
Deb Nystrom shared her knowledge through a nine minute video presentation.  Nystrom shared that she maintains over 20 blogs that are private, public and business oriented.  She pointed out that each blog builds information on a niche of knowledge.  Curation sites like ScoopIt and Pearl Trees can be used to search and aggregate information related to topics of interest or expertise.  Curation sites allow a user to have and on line presence without supplying original content.  The content collected can be used as a business tool focusing on topics the clients may find valuable.  Nystrom explained that sharing a curation site with a client can help build a trust relationship because it is a clear demonstration of knowledge and engagement with the client’s interests and needs.
In his portion of the presentation, JT Pederson said he was “demystifying blogging”.  Pedersen explained that he started blogging to improve his web visibility, promote himself and aid in his search for work.  His said that the goal of his blog is to spell out who he is, what he knows and what he believes.  He pointed out that he has improved his search ranking by frequent content changes. 
Pedersen observed that bloggers need to focus on content and less on site management or as he called it “housekeeping”.  He defined blogging as “A continual stream of thought by an individual or organization that you come to know over time and through interaction supports a relationship between the blogger and the readers.”  He noted that a good CMS handles content, tracking stats, tools, email, navigation bars and RSS when the writer hits publish.
Pedersen said to get started you need your own domain and an ISP host.  He noted that for him, having a blog has led to dozens of requests for meetings, interviews, free books, public speaking opportunities, syndication and business growth.  He said that blogging has the potential to build relationships that become business leads.
Pedersen pointed out that blogging isn’t a one way media.  He explained that it’s important to pay attention to follower comments and respond to criticism.  He said that a blogger gains visibility through longevity and consistent, clean, frequent, quality content.  He emphasized that bloggers should have a passion for their topic to be able to create content for a blog once or twice a week.  Pedersen pointed out that company blogs should be integrated into an overall marketing plan with thought and in depth creative development.
You can follow Nystrom at @dnrevel.  You can follow Pedersen at @jtpedersen.
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Recap by Mary Lou Olds